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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Review Process

The Code of Conduct was approved by the Pittsford Schools' Board of Education after a multi-phase, comprehensive review and update process carried out by a committee of PCSD stakeholder groups who hold a natural interest in the Code of Conduct, including PCSD administrators, staff, students, community partners, and PTSA parents/guardians. The goal of the committee was to offer short-term revisions and longer-term recommendations to the Board of Education, with a focus on building the Code of Conduct’s policies around racial issues, inclusive culture and climate, restorative practices, discipline processes, vaping and alcohol investigations. Comprehensive training for all staff based on the updated Code of Conduct began during the 2021-22 school year and is ongoing.

The District engaged two partner agencies to support the committee’s work on the Code of Conduct review: Partners in Restorative Initiatives (PIRI) and The Children’s Institute. These partners bring valuable expertise in restorative practices and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to the review process. They facilitate community circles at committee meetings and assist the Director of Student Services with facilitation and document development.  Additionally, these agencies support the District with ongoing professional learning for staff.

The Code of Conduct is reviewed and approved on an annual basis 

PCSD Code of Conduct

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