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Advocating for Education

Your PCSD leaders in action

A Pittsford advocacy group representing PCSD stakeholders including the Board of Education, Superintendent, parents, teachers, and administrators, has formed to process the following issues facing the school district:

  • State Assessments
  • Funding
  • Teacher/Principal Evaluations
  • Field Testing
  • Common Core Standards

Recognizing they serve as role models for children, this team pledges to find ways to advocate for change in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

To learn about the team’s proposed solutions, belief’s and recommendations in these areas, as well as progress to date, please click on the links at the bottom of this page.


Working collaboratively, PCSD leaders continue to process difficult and multifaceted issues surrounding education.  Our advocacy team annually prioritizes educational concerns with the main goal of advocating for change in these areas in order to move our District forward.  Representation includes: Board of Education, PDTA (Teachers), PTSA (Parents), PDAA (Administrators), PDRTA (Retired Teachers), Community Members and the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Superintendent.


We will interact with an open-mind and always remain respectful and positive. Additionally, all members agree to adhere to the following:

1. We will always respect any differences in opinions
2. We will listen for understanding
3. All voices will be heard
4. We will consider all perspectives
5. We will remain current and informed relative to key topics
6. We will be present and focused
7. We will maintain confidentiality in agreed upon areas
8. At end of meetings, we will agree on talking points
9. All communication will be approached in a thoughtful and sensitive manner
10. Our actions, dialogue and decisions will reflect what is best for the PCSD

Advocacy Steering Committee

Michael Pero - Superintendent
Rich Albano - PDAA
Dwayne Cerbone - PDTA
Michael Delgado - PTSA
Meredith Graham - PTSA
Derek Matina - Community
Sarah Pelusio  - Board of Education
Mark Puma - PDAA  
Robin Scott - Board of Education
Linda Traynor – PDRTA
Josh Walker - PDAA
Stephanie Warchol - PDTA
Melanie Ward - Assistant Superintendent

PDRTA=Retired Teachers Association

Should you have any questions for the Advocacy Steering Committee, please email

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