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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission, Core Values, and Vision Statement support Strategic Initiative

Thanks to the commitment and contributions of hundreds of stakeholders, important guideposts have been developed, and the result of this collaborative work is a set of reliable, steadfast, unwavering tools that gently remind us of what our District cherishes most (Values), why our District exists (Mission), and where we want our District to be (Vision).

PCSD Mission Statement

Why our District exists

The Pittsford Central School District community works collaboratively to inspire and prepare our students to be their best, do their best and make a difference in the lives of others.

PCSD Core Values

What our District cherishes most

  • Student Centered
  • Supportive Environment for All
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Progressive
  • Collaborative

PCSD Vision Statement

Where we want our District to be

Pittsford Central School District will be the leader in realizing the promise of public education. We will design a transformational partnership among students, families, professionals, and community, based upon a new definition of success for all:

Our students will navigate a journey of self-discovery, leading them to overcome obstacles, pursue balance and wellness, and personalize their education. They will recognize challenges as opportunities for learning and accomplishment. They will have the skills and competence necessary to understand and thrive in a diverse, global society. During and after their time with us, they will be independent, healthy, resilient, and compassionate contributors to our community and beyond.

Our staff will model the joy of learning. The environment of support and collegiality will make our district a magnet for passionate educators. Instead of categorizing students to fit into current structures, we will design systems to meet student needs.

Our families and community will be welcomed and engaged in educational experiences that dissolve the lines between business, society, and schools. Students will not only view adults as resources, but will themselves be recognized as resources to our community, matching their interests with opportunities to create solutions for real needs.

When this vision is realized, every Pittsford student will have access to personalized opportunities, and acquire skills necessary to meet their potential and fulfill their dreams.

Core Values Overview