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Summer Storage Tips for Student Laptops

Summer Storage Tips for Student Laptops For students 6th, 7th and 9th Grades

It is very important to store equipment over the summer in a safe location!

Power Down

Last day of school while using WiFi: Do a FULL shutdown of the laptop
(Remember to wait for the power light to go out BEFORE closing the lid

Powering down and charge
Once home (and with the computer fully shut down)
connect the laptop’s power supply to an AC outlet
(you will see a light appear next to the power connection on laptop)
and fully charge it overnight.

Laptop Charger Case

Store the laptop and its charger in the case provided.

No Pets Liquids

Store in a safe, out-of-the way location – away from pets and liquids.

Break Charge

If you choose to use the computer over break,
please complete a FULL shutdown each time you are finished
and charge it fully once again.

Why Shut Down?

Click the above link for information on why you need to shut 
the laptop down and fully charge it

Web Help Desk

If you have any other questions, please click on the above link to submit a Help Desk Ticket