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Substance Abuse Prevention

Pittsford School Substance Abuse Prevention

Substance Abuse prevention programs in Pittsford Central School District are multifaceted. Components include information dissemination, communication, and intervention within the schools and community. The information dissemination piece provides informational brochures or articles available to families with updated Pittsford data, research findings, and prevention principles. She offers presentations at parent meetings, community groups and to school staff.

Communication with families, community agencies, staff, and administration is a critical element in connecting youth with needed professional services. Often the school is in a position to give families feedback about student behavior and make recommendations for obtaining  professional help. An additional part of the communication process is fielding phone calls, and emails when parent or guardian have questions about what to do if they find drugs and/or drug paraphernalia on their child, or how to handle particular situations involving alcohol or other substances.

Intervention teams exist at all secondary schools. The goal of the intervention teams is to respond to patterns of behavior that may be consistent with substance use and/or mental health issues. The intervention occurs when a team member makes contact with a parent or guardian and shares information about student behavior and referral resources.

In addition to school-related prevention, the district’s Prevention Coordinator is actively involved with the Monroe County Prevention Alliance. This community group consists of area towns and school districts which develops initiatives for the prevention of underage drinking, other substance use and current trends. The alliance offers workshops, presentations and information for parents, guardians and school staff.