The mission of the Pittsford Central School District Library instructional program is to engage students in learning experiences that will enable them to become inquisitive, self-directed learners who effectively and ethically seek out and use relevant resources, read widely and purposefully, and think both critically and creatively while remaining receptive to new ideas and diverse perspectives. 

    As a result of participating in the PCSD Library program, students will be able to independently…

    • access relevant and accurate information from varied sources to answer questions, make decisions, and solve problems;
    • seek out diverse perspectives, and thoughtfully consider varied opinions and new ideas;
    • contribute meaningfully to the creation and exchange of information and ideas;
    • use information and ideas ethically, legally, and responsibly;
    • read for understanding, pleasure, and personal enrichment;
    • continue learning throughout life; and
    • use and support libraries to achieve personal, professional, and community enrichment.

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    Each school library provides a collection of high-quality educational materials, access to online information sources, and a challenging instructional program delivered in a welcoming and supportive learning environment.  

    All of the libraries are staffed by full-time, certified library media specialists who are members of the teaching staff.  They hold Master’s Degrees in library science and are highly skilled in the use of educational technologies.  

    The school libraries have instructional spaces equipped with computers and multimedia projectors as well as quiet spaces for individual and group study and reading. The libraries are open to students and staff all day, every day of the school year.  

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