The Business Department will assist in the development of gainfully employed citizens who utilize Next Generation Skills and incorporate business practices and technologies to ensure college and career readiness. Business students will actively contribute to their own learning and success.

    As a result of participating in the PCSD Business program, students will be able to independently …

    • interpret and apply business processes to become fiscally and socially responsible citizens.
    • make ethical decisions for school, career, and life.
    • analyze and evaluate personal and professional situations and apply the appropriate technologies to creatively solve authentic problems.
    • critically analyze and reflect upon the changing world of work and career options to relate individual skills, abilities and aptitudes to future career decisions.
    • demonstrate how Next Generation Skills apply to success in the workplace and other settings.  

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  • Welcome to Mendon High School's Business Department Site

    Taking these courses will unlock your potential to:

    • Develop "Next Generation" skills that will make you college and career ready
    • Take your competitive spirit to new heights
    • Discover your inner-entrepreneur
    • Develop and practice leadership skills in authentic settings
    • Gain financial wisdom to help navigate important financial decisions
    • Master business computer technology tools to improve academic, business, and personal performance
    • Increase awareness of professionalism and the value of ethics and social responsibility
    • Impress colleges with a resume that makes you stand out from the rest—showing that you went above and beyond the core requirements
    • Participate in nationally recognized competitive clubs—DECA and BookStore 
    • Learn how new marketing technologies are having a profound effect on how marketing is conducted in today’s global economy

    Business Department Staff Members:

    Letitia Romas
    Website: Letitia Romas' Website

    Kristie Burch 
    Website: Kristie Burch's Website

    Brett Lasser
    Website: Brett Lasser's Website

    Casey Sanderson  - Standards Leader
    Website: Casey Sanderson's Website

    Jillian Thomas
    Website: Jillian Thomas' Website