Counseling Corner - Welcome from Ms. Pink and Mrs. McKenna

  • Hello MCE Families, 

    Welcome, Mendon Center families.  We want you to know that we have a wonderful resource page where you can access social emotional learning activities. Be sure to check out our parent and community resources as well! There are some excellent books, activities and links for some great learning tools. We are always looking to add more resources throughout the webpage going forward. As always please feel free to reach out to us via email!

    We are all in this together, friends!

    Martha McKenna: 5th Grade in '23-'24

    Annie Pink: Grades: K-4th Grades in '23-'24

    **Katie Mott will cover for Mrs. Pink while she is on maternity leave through January.



    We have the privilege of providing a variety of services within the school community aimed at supporting our student’s social, emotional, and academic needs. Our roles encompasses counseling, classroom teaching, and coordinating.

    Support Services include:

    Individual Counseling: We provide individual short-term counseling services. Parents or teachers may refer a child for counseling, or the student may seek out support.

    Group Counseling: Groups are formed when children have similar needs. Sometimes children are in groups to serve as role models, to support others, or because they are interested in the topic. Groups may focus on: separation/divorce, social thinking, managing feelings, anger management, anxiety and stress, or friendship topics.

    Classroom Teaching: We visit classes to share stories and teach age-appropriate lessons from our District Counseling Curriculum. Lessons include topics such as listening and social communication, friendship, and conflict resolution.

    Parent Support: We are also available as a resource to parents. You are welcome to come in to discuss topics such as discipline, separation/divorce, moving to a new home, death, academic concerns, school adjustment or any other topic of concern. We may have books available to borrow upon request. Please see our links to helpful parent resources as well!

    A final note...

    Sometimes changes at home can have an impact on a child at school. If you have changes at home, feel free to contact us to let us know, so we can be more sensitive to your child’s needs here at school.

    While we see students on a short-term basis to support them here in school, there are times when we will refer you to outside counseling services.

    When a situation warrants, we call parents concerning our involvement with their child. However, because interaction with children is such an integral part of the school day, we do not routinely contact parents for every child we see. Feel free to contact us any time you have questions, concerns, or would just like to touch base during the year.


    Annie Pink, Martha McKenna, and Katie Mott