• Choir

    Welcome to my Teacher Web Page!

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    My teaching schedule:
    Period 1: Voice Class (1st Semester Only)
    Period 2: Concert Choir
    Period 3: Polyphonic Choir
    Period 4: travel to CRMS
    Period 5: Gr 6 Chorus
    Period 6: lunch
    Period 7a: Gr 7 Chorus
    Period 7b: Gr 8 Chorus
    Period 8: planning/prep
    Period 9: planning/prep

    Mondays:Available after school by appointment; Vocal Jazz Ensemble 6:00-7:15, Show Choir 7:30-8:45
    Tuesdays: Staff/Department Meetings (Available after school by appointment on non-meeting Tuesdays)
    Wednesdays: CRMS Rock Bottom
    Thursdays: CRMS Treblemakers
    Fridays: A cappella 2:30-3:30

    Contact information: