Michael Biondi, Principal

 Michael Biondi, Principal



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Michael Biondi, Principal

email: Michael_Biondi@pittsford.monroe.edu

Allen Creek Staff is committed to all students learning at high levels, working in collaboration to make important decisions and for continued open-communication to ensure that every student is supported. Our thoughtful reflections, questions and hunches in response to student learning will serve as a great jumping off point for our conversations about teaching and learning.

We have unveiled our 'We ACEd it" initiative! With the collaboration of our staff, students and parents we have identified 4 qualities that we believe should be embodied by all to create a school environment where ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are tied together in a caring community, Students are given an ACES card when one or more of these qualities (Accepting, Cooperative, Empathetic, Supportive) are demonstrated. Together we will learn what these qualities mean, why they are important in our quest to strengthen the foundation of the ACE culture and how to weave them into the fabric of our school. 

Michael F.Biondi, Principal


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    We continue to live by our touchstone "Being our best selves, doing our best work."  In our quest to promote inclusivity...  Our students, staff and parents are ACEing it!