Mrs. Hartman's Health Office Page

  • My name is Maria Hartman and I am the School-Nurse Teacher at Allen Creek.  With over 20 years  experience in pediatric nursing, I will do my best to promote health and wellness in a safe, nurturing environment.

    Health Office Requirements and Reminders

    Health forms can be downloaded below. We need a current physical (health appraisal), with up to date immunizations on all new students, Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th graders, as well as proof of a dental check-up within the last year for all new, K, 2 and 4th graders.
    If your child has any special medical needs or concerns, including allergic children requiring medications, I will need MD orders for any and all medications (including over-the-counter) by the first day of school. Please note, the parent/adult is required to deliver the medication to the health office.
    We recommend the pre-measured Benadryl spoon packs called Perfect Measure. Please have your doctor prescribe an EVEN number teaspoon dose of benadryl (if possible), as 1 pre-measured spoon =1 tsp.
    It would be helpful to get all paperwork and documentation to the Health Office before August 1st of the up-coming school year. We recommend keeping a copy of physical forms and other MD documentation, as some MD offices are now charging for duplicates.

    When to keep your child home: The 24 Hour Rule

    • Please keep your child home at least 24-hours
      following an episode of vomiting
    • for a fever registering 100 degrees or greater
    • until the child has been on prescribed antibiotics for 24-hours

    Thank you and please call if you have any questions or concerns.

    Maria Hartman, RN, SNT

Graphic children around sign saying school nurse