About Mrs. Squire-Gefell and 4th and 5th grade science

  • About me:

    I teach at Jefferson Road and Allen Creek.  I have been teaching 4th and 5th grade science since 2005.  Prior to science I worked as a substitute, including long-term positions in both 4th and 1st grade.  Before entering the public school teaching venue I worked for many years (so many I lost count) in the education department at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, including school outreach and Cumming Nature Center. 

    In class:

    For the 2021 school year homeroom classes have science for 50 minutes twice during the 6 day cycle.  In class we perform experiments, read about science, practice discussing and writing about science.  The homeroom teachers in both buildings support my curriculum by teaching math, social studies and ELA skills.  I support those content areas by practicing those skills in science.

    Homework should be a review, if your child and you are frustrated please stop.  Don't finish and have your student check in with me.  I do not take off for late work.  I am very careful to remind students who have missing work.  If a student has frequent late or lost work I will note that as a report card comment. 

    Fostering Independence:

    The intermediate grades are very tough for parents.  Your student is expected to be more independent and organized.  You will need to walk a very fine line of supporting them without doing the work for them.  Every student is different so no one idea will work.  I tell the kids many stories about my own struggles and those of my own children.  I want the kids to know that making mistakes is okay.  What we do about our mistakes is when growth can take place.

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