• Welcome to Mrs. Squire-Gefell's fourth and fifth grade science web site. Students at Allen Creek  and Jefferson Road participate in a variety of learning experiences while we explore the science curriculum.

    Review at home---use the library link to use BookFlix, PebbleGo, Safari montage, and BrainPop to review content at home.  Look below for our vocabulary each week.  You can use those as keywords to find videos text and games.

    Students can use Quizlet for vocabulary, a link will be added to the left when we have vocabulary to review :) . 


    ****** New York State is transitioning to new science curriculum.  The instruction and assessment your student receives will not be the same as past years.  In 2020/21 school year we will be exploring energy, processes that shape Earth, and waves in 4th grade.  5th grade will study factors that change populations in nature, matter (Toys Matter), and Earth's water. *******


    October 6, 2020

         4th grade is beginning to work on our Processes that Shape Earth unit.  We have started by reading as homework a book about landforms.  In class a "mystery bone" was used an an entry into the unit.  We will be exploring how the land is shaped and use that to generate ideas about what the bone might be.

         5th grade has started our Got Water unit.  We are using the hydrosphere as a launching point to learn about how the 4 main systems of Earth interact.  We will then be applying our knowledge to propose solutions to various water isuues.

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    Summer 2020 - At both buildings our fish tanks are doing fine.  Thanks to the building staff that take time to take care of the tanks.

    March 17, 2020- This is a picture of Mrs. Squire-Gefell holding some vacation fish feeders.    At both buildings the fish tanks are all set with vacation feeders and fresh filters.  Mr. Phil, Mr. Leo, and Mr. Kong will take good care of our fish just like they do over the summer.


    first days of school - eat nutritious food, drink water , and get enough sleep.


    Summer ideas - Try to include informal science in your summer.  Kid-led attempts at building things, ongoing experiments, hikes and time to relax in nature. 

    Read, read, read, fiction, social studies, science, math and kid friendly news.   It is fine for kids to read "below their level," picture books are awesome and some contain extremely complex text (try Time of Wonder). Magazines like National Geographic for Kids, Ask, Muse (anything by Cobblestone publishing), the scouting magazines, and tons more are at the library and sometimes free on-line.

    Make a few movie nights documentary nights.  Safari Montage is available through your child's school computer account.  The library has great non-fiction videos.  If you watch the PBS schedule you can find incredible science and social studies documentaries.  If you subscribe, Netflix has them too.  It is okay to watch below your "age", use a younger kid as an excuse.  I recommend Peep and the Big Wide World, Magic School Bus, Bill NYE, Disney Imagineering, National geographic, NOVA, and many more.  On line, many Ted Talks are suitable for kids, just preview first.  Through the school library you can view BrainPOP, TrueFlix, and many other resources.

    Check out the unit topics for 4th and 5th grade at the top of this page.....maybe you can do some fun activities around those topics this summer.  Most of all be curious and interested in your world.  Real science doesn't always have an answer; experiences that cause people to think and wonder are very important.  Don't turn everyday into a test, just have fun, "take chances, and get messy."  (Ms. Frizzle)