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2019-2020 School Year

  • Here are a few logistical details about our class this year:

    • All students will complete the 5th grade curriculum
    • Mrs. Bowser will teach homeroom students for English Language Arts (ELA - reading, writing, spelling, grammar) and Social Studies (SS)
    • Students will be flexibly grouped for Mathematics and could see Ms. Housler-Rojas, Mrs. Bowser, Mrs. Ricci, or Mrs. Natale
    • Mrs. Scheidt will teach Science to students on Days 5 & 6
    • Daily Specials include: 
      • Day 1 - Music & Library
      • Day 2 - PE & Art
      • Day 3 - Music & Health (occasionally)
      • Day 4 - PE & Art
      • Day 5 - Science
      • Day 6 - PE & Science
    • Students have all received a Student Planner and Take Home folder - it is expected that both items will go home and come back to school, daily.
      • Daily homework includes:
        • Read 20-30 minutes
        • Practice math facts
        • Supplemental homework is not guaranteed, but should not exceed a total of 60 minutes for all assignments, including reading and math facts
    • Technology will be used often to enhance learning experiences and introduce different options for practice/research/presentation.
      • Students will work often in Office 365 (
        • student username is their school email address:
        • student password his his/her active directory password (computer password)
      • Microsoft Teams will be introduced and is new to much of PCSD this year.
        • Teams is a customizable chat-based workspace in Office 365 with a built in ClassNotebook and electronic assignment turn-in options
        • Students will learn how to be a good Digital Citizen and about Internet Safety in a safe space which will only include 5th Grade students and teachers of Park Road.
        • Students may access the Team from home to show/share details from school with parents.