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  • April 5, 2020 Update

    Dear Alumni, Friends & Neighbors,
    We are reaching out to you today to ask for help in serving our Pittsford School families who are struggling during this nationwide health and economic crisis. We have all been touched by this crisis BUT some of our families are struggling to put food on the table and need our help now.

    Our Pittsford Education Foundation (formerly KEEP) board met and decided to make a donation to purchase food for our struggling families. Our board leadership
    is in the process of reaching out to our families and has already started delivering meals across our school community.
    Today we are asking you to consider helping as well. Through May 1, all donations will be going to families that need additional support.  We will report back with the number of people we are able to help as this effort grows as well as stories of hope and resilience.

    Click here for a link to our donation page
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
    The Pittsford Education Foundation (formerly KEEP)
    Jim Spitz
    Michael Pero

    Jeff Cimmerer

    Jeanne Strazzabosco

    Kristen Dolan

    Andrew Gleasman

    Ryan Mott

    Sean Phelan

    Richard Wien

    Harold McAulliffe

    Karen Ferrara

    Barry Thornton

    Andrew Kelly
  • About the Pittsford Education Foundation (formerly KEEP)

    The Pittsford School Foundation was founded in 1992. Originally, the Foundation was created to meet the immediate educational needs of the District when the school budget did not pass. Since then, the Foundation has continued to support new educational initiatives in our schools, as well as strengthen community awareness and support of a Pittsford education.

    In 2008, the Pittsford School Foundation became Keeping Education Extraordinary in Pittsford (KEEP). The name change reflected its committed focus to support the ongoing enrichment of the K-12 educational program, experiences, and opportunities for students in the Pittsford Central School District, beyond what government alone can provide.

    The KEEP Foundation, Keeping Education Extraordinary in Pittsford, is a forward-thinking, independent, not-for-profit school foundation dedicated to the ongoing enrichment of the K-12 educational program of the Pittsford Central School District.

    In 2020, the Keep foundation became the Pittsford Education Foundation.



    Pittsford Education Foundation (formerly Keep): P.O. Box 243 Pittsford, N.Y. 14534-0243   (585) 267-3587

    The Pittsford Education Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


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