Welcome to Mrs. Archambault's webpage! As the Orange Team science teacher, I teach Grade 7 Chemistry, Grade 8 Physics, and Regents Earth Science.

    I love teaching, discovering, and applying science! In this ever changing world, I believe it is important for students to go beyond the curricular content by pushing them to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Science is a unique way of knowing which seeks to discover and explain the world around us. As important as grappling with facts that we already know, is learning the skills and habits of mind of a scientist. Science is not something we are ever "done with." We need to continue to train students to think creatively and problem solve collaboratively.

    When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family. We love being outside and going on "adventures" to the zoo, museum of play, parks, nature trails, and the library. I love running, hiking, traveling, reading, and learning new things. Though I love all things science, I have a particular fondness for geology. This leads to heavy backpacks on the return hike as I am constantly finding interesting rock specimans to lug home.






Checking out an awesome outcrop- conglomerates!
Diving the Great Barrier Reef
Hiking to Franz Josef Glacier, NZ
Mrs. Archambault's Family