• Edmodo permission form

    For the past several years, BRMS students have been using Edmodo- a free and secure online learning platform where teachers and students can collaborate, share content, and use educational apps to augment in-classroom learning. Within this private learning environment that is managed by the teacher, students can only interact with others in the class. Edmodo provides a safe and easy way to connect and support learning beyond the classroom. To comply with Edmodo’s Terms of Use, we must collect a parent’s permission before using Edmodo with incoming students.

    Edmodo will enhance the learning experience and help students develop important online skills. On Edmodo, students will be able to:

     Participate in class or group discussions that are monitored by the teacher (students cannot send private messages to other students)

     Communicate directly with the teacher to ask questions and get help with work

     Keep track of important due dates, events and tasks

     Receive and turn in assignments and quizzes

     View missed work when absent from class

     Access Edmodo from any computer or mobile device with Internet capabilities and receive notification reminders via email or text (optional)

    You may also sign up for a parent account on Edmodo, which connects to your child’s account. This is a great way to keep informed of due dates, assignments, grades, school events, and any direct communication between your child and school. You will need a parent code to create your account, which can be found in your child’s account (on the left side, below the Communities section). Parent accounts are not required, but we recommend signing up for one to stay engaged with your child’s learning experience.

    In order for your child to use Edmodo, he or she must have your permission, and you must read and agree to the Edmodo Terms of Service (http://www.edmodo.com/corporate/terms-of-service) on your child’s behalf. You must also read and agree to the Edmodo Privacy Policy (http://www.edmodo.com/corporate/privacy-policy). Edmodo takes privacy seriously and has received the TRUSTe Children’s Privacy Seal to verify this. The only information required from students to set up and Edmodo account is the teacher’s class code, their name, and a username and password. To enhance learning activities, teachers may choose to use certain educational applications from the Edmodo Store. This digital content is offered by vetted third-party publishers who have their own privacy policies but are required to abide by Edmodo’s privacy policy standards.

    I hope that your child will enjoy using Edmodo and gain beneficial skills this year. You can learn more about Edmodo by visiting www.edmodo.com, or by contacting our librarian, Mrs. Read at danielle_read@pittsford.monroe.edu


    Shana Cutaia, BRMS Principal


    I give consent for my child, listed below, to use Edmodo for class activities.

    Student Name: _____________________________________________________________________

    Parent Printed Name: ________________________________________________________________

    Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ___________________