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Ms. Julie Wilkens

Bonjour, mes amis! All assignments are now posted on Teams. I strongly suggest that you download the Teams app on all computers and devices (for phones and tablets, you can find it in the app store). You will use your school e-mail account and password to log in.


We are using Teams to communicate, post assignments, and submit work, so please e-mail or message me if you are having problems.


We miss you! Stay healthy!


In case they are needed, here are all the French accents for you to copy/paste: Accent cheat sheet



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  • What if...

    I have a music lesson? Come to my class before you go to your lesson to turn in your homework and find out what you will miss.

    I miss a class? Check to see if there are papers for you in the absent folder. Talk to me to find out what you missed. If absent 2 or more days, parents can request homework. See me to set up an appointment so you can catch up on what you missed.

    I need extra help? Please make an appointment with me! I am available during 5B (6th grade study hall), 7A (7th grade lunch), and 7B (7th grade study hall).

    I am late to class? If late, quietly enter the class and check in with me to see what you missed.


  • French 7 (4/27-5/8)

    Lecon 13C--La maison


    French 6 (4/27-5/8)

    Lecon 4A--Time

    Lecon 4B--Weather

Eiffel Tower