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Ms. Julie Wilkens

Bonjour, mes amis! There are assignments due 3/27 posted on my calendar page on Monday, 3/16. The title is "For the weeks ahead." However...

I have just created two new Teams groups--one for 6th grade and one for 7th grade. You should have received an invitation to join in your school e-mail, or you can log into Microsoft 365, locate Teams and find our class's team.

We will be using Teams to communicate, post assignments, and submit work, so please e-mail me if you can't get in. (If you haven't used Teams before, it's really easy to navigate.)

We miss you! Stay healthy!

In case they are needed, here are all the French accents for you to copy/paste: Accent cheat sheet


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  • What if...

    I have a music lesson? Come to my class before you go to your lesson to turn in your homework and find out what you will miss.

    I miss a class? Check to see if there are papers for you in the absent folder. Talk to me to find out what you missed. If absent 2 or more days, parents can request homework. See me to set up an appointment so you can catch up on what you missed.

    I need extra help? Please make an appointment with me! I am available during 5B (6th grade study hall), 7A (7th grade lunch), and 7B (7th grade study hall).

    I am late to class? If late, quietly enter the class and check in with me to see what you missed.


  • French 7 (during school shutdown):

    School readings and vocabulary


    Weekly Overview (during school shutdown)

    Cafe vocabulary, skit and cartoon

Eiffel Tower