Club Treasurer Forms

  • Student Treasurers and Faculty Advisors ~ Forms you will need to complete during the year.

Fundraising Forms

  • fundraising
    All fundraisers need approval
    by Mr. Puma and the Board of
    Education. Forms take 2-4
    weeks to process.

    Fundraiser Form

Profit and Loss


  • minutes
    Clubs must vote on all
    expenses and donations.
    Keep your minutes on file
    in your club binder.

    Minutes Template


  • inventory
    If you are selling items you
    need to keep track of your
    orders and any remaining

    Inventory Control File


Bank Ledger

  • ledger
    Club general ledgers will be
    printed each month.  It is the
    student treasurer's responsibility
    to keep their own ledger and
    compare it with the general ledger.

    Student Ledger File

Start a New Club

  • newclub
    If you  have an idea for a new
    club fill out the form below
    and return to Mr. Puma.

    New Club Form

Reference Material For Clubs