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Brian Tripp

  2020 Mendon Physical Education Lock Collection

Grades 9-11- This will be your lock and locker next year!
STEP 1   Please go clean out your locker. 

STEP 2 Lock you lock on your locker so that the door can still open and close. 

 What if I forgot my lock combination? Posted on the walls is your lock combination and serial number by student ID. 
What if I do not remember exactly where my locker is located?
If you can get in the general area try and match your serial number to the serial number on the back of the        lock that you think is yours.  
What if my lock does not open and/or I have no clue where it went?  

No worries just e-mail your teacher and we can take care of it.   If you have something of value that you need right away, let a custodian know and they can open your locker for you. 

Class of 2020
STEP 1   Please go clean out your locker.  If you forgot your combination, it is post by student ID throughout the locker room. 
STEP 2   Scan you teachers QR code and answer the 4 questions on your phone. 
STEP 3   Drop lock in your teachers bucket or whatever one you scanned. 




Remember if you want set a Zoom meeting send me a Email for a time and date on Tuesdays or Thursdays. 


While we are out Check out Remote Learning Options page for what to do 

Mendon High School Physical Education 

Resources can be found below and on My Resources page

Check out classroom notes for things to stay active 


Contact me at anytime @ 


Also Please Check our Physcial Education Departemnt leader Fred Ricci Webpage for additional information 

Remote Learning Options Below :


You can find free resources for at-home physical education right now:


The Pittsford Central School District community works collaboratively to inspire and prepare our students to be their best, do their best and make a difference in the lives of others.   Our department deeply values this mission and hopes it can help support your through this time. 

In accordance with our mission and beliefs, here are the things we want you to know.

We care about you and are here for you-  At any time you can email us and we will respond without question.    We hope you can take advantage of our resources but if they are not enough and/or you feel overwhelmed always know you can reach out.

We want you to stay safe- Do as a responsible, caring adult would do. Do not be reckless but stay physically engaged.      Remain physically and mentally active, this will help support your overall well-being and protect you.

Help Support our Community-  At this extraordinary time you have a chance to positively impact others.   Practicing responsible social behaviors might profoundly help someone that you may have never met.   This is your chance to be a hero and to show our community that your generation values the health and well-being of others.


Here are some of the things we would think may help and would recommend.


1. Stay active- Use the following resources to stay physically engaged and try to record what you do. This can help you set goals and stay motivated.

The following workout use only a couple of pieces of equipment.

Minium Equipment


If you have stuff at home here's a more complete list.

Home gym


PLT4M workout- No equipment needed following the follow the DAILY Remote Learning and At Home Workout videos.

Daily workout videos no equipment


2. Gain knowledge- Knowing why staying active is a great motivator. Review these links and jot down what best relates to you.  


The Brain changing effects of exercise.

TED Talk Link 1

Teach every child about food.

Ted Talk Link 2

What makes Muscles grow?

Ted Talk Link 3

How an obese town lost a million pounds.

Ted Talk Link 4

Are we born to run?

Ted Talk Link 5

Why do people find exercise harder than others?

Ted Talk Link 6


3. Work for independence- Using our resources or your own develop a plan to stay physically active. Try to set specific goals and then reflect on how it wen