COVID-19/Reopening of Schools Q&A

  • The below question and answer documents serves to address questions and concerns regarding issues related to COVID-19 and the reopening of schools. The District’s plan as related to COVID-19 is based on NYS Guidance that outlines the mandatory steps schools must take in response to COVID-19. PCSD will monitor and adjust the plan in response to changes in guidance from NYS as they occur.

    Please remember, this is a temporary situation, and while school and life as we know it is has changed, we will get through this together.

    As of August 14, we have created a Q&A Part II that will include ongoing questions and focus on health, safety and COVID-19 protocols. The Q&A Part I is still posted, and it provides information about the Temporary Learning Models.

    NOTE: We will continue to update the Q&A Part II as we receive additional questions and information. The latest added information is in blue text.

  • Thank you to our parents who have submitted questions about the reopening plans for school. If you submitted a question, it was categorized, answered and posted as an update to the Q&A. It is likely your question will not appear verbatim, so please read it carefully.

    Submitted questions will continue to be added as answers become available. We also welcome your ongoing questions at