Through quality physical education, we strive for all to do their best, be their best, and make a difference in the lives of others!


  • We have several PE teachers with us this year.  We understand that it may be confusing to find out which PE teacher teaches your child's class.  Hopefully, this will make it more clear. Just look for your child's "Homeroom Teacher" and you will see which one of us to contact if the need arrises. 

    K Nichols = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)
    K Gigantelli = Bret Burrows
    K George = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)
    K Wilson = Bret Burrows

    1 Starr = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)
    1 Malone = Bret Burrows
    1 Harris = Bret Burrows
    1 Williams = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)

    2 Pilger = Amy Overton
    2 Walsh = Bret Burrows
    2 Orman = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)
    2 Galusha = Bret Burrows

    3 Pratt = James McAlpin 
    3 Terenzi = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)
    3 Ernst = Bret Burrows
    3 Griffone = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)

    4 Weinmann = Bret Burrows
    4 Kane = Paul Myers 
    4 Phillips = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)

    5 Costanza = Bret Burrows
    5 Kokinda = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)
    5 Green = Amy Overton
    5 Rose/Vane = Bret Burrows
    5 Bonadio = Esther Marino (Jared Ziegler-sub)

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Physical Education at JRE

  • Dear Families,

    Thanks for visiting the Jefferson Road Physical Education Website. We have been back in school operating more normally this year compared to the last two academic years. Students are building endurance and getting used to moving for longer periods of time.  We have been able to do more of our regular PE curriculum now that some restrictions have been lifted. We still encourage everyone to remain active all year. Try finding some fun activities for the whole family, especially over the school breaks. Walking, hiking, riding bikes, and playing outside, help to improve overall fitness, and you get to enjoy enjoy quality family time.

    ~ Mr. Burrows and Mrs. Marino 

    Our Mission:

    At Jefferson Road Elementary School we strive to provide students with fun, meaningful, and age appropriate experiences. Our goal is to give students the tools necessary to develop and maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle. To accomplish this we teach the basic skills and movement patterns necessary to participate in a wide variety of sport and recreational activities. Skills and movement patterns are reinforced through non-traditional, fun, and creative games. Games and activities are designed to let students practice the skills they are working on, develop communication and critical thinking skills, improve sportsmanship and maximize participation.

5th Grade Lock Directions

  • SWAY Directions: These SWAY presentations are designed for students to work through on their own without adult help (for the most part).  Students of all ages and ability can work their way through the SWAY presentation on any device that has wifi capability by following the links in "Grade Level Specific Content, "Featured SWAY," or "Recent SWAY's." Going through a SWAY is easy, simply advance the slides using the arrows and click on the audio/video "play" buttons to have directions and/or content read aloud - just like they are in class:-)