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  • Welcome to  Mrs. Polvino's 5th Grade Class!

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    Quick Bits - What is making our brains sweat this week?  


    I added a new tab/section of this page that has pdfs and video recordings to help you and your children navigate through the essential channels and tabs in TEAMS, as well as how to reply to posts properly.


    Information about Zoom Class meetings starting the week of 4/13/2020 will be coming soon!  I can tell you that Zoom meetings will be password protected.  The password will remain the same so that each week your child can click on the same Zoom link in their Class Meetings channel Post, or input the same meeting id number and password weekly.

     Meetings will be locked after the first ten minutes for security purposes. If any of this changes, you will be notified! 

    Zoom meetings that Ms. Kramer hosts will have a different link and password.

    DO NOT WORRY IF YOUR CHILD STRUGGLES WITH NAVIGATING THIS SOFTWARE! They had very minimal instruction on working in 0365 earlier this year, and so this is all completely new.  Just message Ms. Kramer and I and we will help them out and/or get them the assignments another way if needed.  We are all learning together!

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    I miss you all!  Weekly quotes and images to make you smile will begin appearing here weekly starting soon!



















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