Participation and Public Comment at Board Meetings

  • Public Comment Guidelines

    The Pittsford Board of Education values transparency and the public comments made during its meetings. As such, the Pittsford Board of Education provides this agenda item at its regular meetings. Board of Education meetings are not public forums, rather, they are business meetings held in public where dialogue is not normally conducted with audience members. The purpose of this agenda item is for the Board to receive respectful and constructive feedback, opinions and information from District residents. Privilege of the floor will only be permitted to those who reside in the Pittsford School District. All comments are taken under advisement by the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools.

    • Respect and civility are required during Board of Education meetings, particularly as we have students attending these meetings as part of their course work.
    • Comments should be in reference to an interest or topic, not an individual. The Board encourages residents to address questions and concerns initially with the employee closest to the issue. This process typically brings the swiftest and most satisfying results.
    • Online submission forms are available five days before the scheduled Board of Education meeting date. Comments must be submitted prior to 4:00 pm the day before a regular meeting.
    • The first 10 speakers will have the floor for no more than three minutes, and yielding time amongst speakers is not permitted. All other messages will be shared with the Board directly.

    For speakers who do not follow meeting and decorum protocols, the speaker’s privilege to use the floor will no longer be recognized by the Board of Education. Those planning to address the Board during the Public Comment agenda item must share the nature of their topic, name and address with the Board Clerk by submitting the Public Comment submission form in advance. Only those that submit an online form with their full written comments are eligible for public comment. Board of Education Public Comment Submission Form

    I understand that if my comments are not aligned with the public comment guidelines, my comments will not be shared.