Welcome to English Class
  •      Hello all!  I am ecstatic to be re-joining the Pittsford community. As an alumna of the PCSD, I am honored to join a collective of like-minded individuals that are dedicated to uplifting student identities. I have always had an affinity for literature. I learned to read at the budding age of three, unaware that this ordinary skill would cultivate into a lifelong passion. I received books as Christmas presents, spent my recesses curled up in the library, and “back in the day” I was that enthusiastic student that was enrolled in every English elective my senior year. 


         Secondly, you are probably wondering how to pronounce my ridiculously long last name. For brevity, I shortened it to “Wijnaendts” for school; we need to maintain our sanity when we are working with MLA format! Unfortunately, my last name does not remotely sound like what it “looks like”. The phonetic pronunciation is vi.nah.nce. I like to tell my students to think of vi (rhyming with eye) and nah ( as in “Nah! That is crazy”).




    I aim to cultivate a classroom of self-assured students that actively participate in a culture of learning. All students have their own unique literacies; it is my privilege to help them hone their strengths.


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  • Education:

    • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature - University of Vermont 
    • Master of Science in Secondary English Education (Grades 7-12) & Advanced Certificate in Urban Teaching and Leadership - University of Rochester

    Teaching Experience:

    • English Teacher -EPIK(English Program in Korea) - Daegu, South Korea
    • English Teacher- Colexio Plurilingüe San Xosé da Guía - Vigo, Spain
    • 7th Grade English Teacher - Rochester City School District 


  • Fun Facts

    • My passport is filled with entry stamps. I’ve traveled to 15 countries and I’ve resided in three (not including the United States). I actually met my husband when I was studying abroad in Canterbury, England!

    • I have a natural inclination to read dystopian and tragic literature. I also love the Gothic literary tradition. I find it oddly fitting that I am drawn toward the uncanny considering I was born in October. 

    • I have a black pug named Chloe. 


             Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of my favorites                        My pug                                               My husband and I in Amsterdam

                            Dracula Book Cover              Chloe                  Thomas and Emily