Allen Creek School History

  • Current StatisticsFront of Allen Creek School
    Grades: Kindergarten through grade 5
    Enrollment: Approximately 350
    Built: 1929, Annexed to Pittsford School District - 1958

    The oldest of all the schools in Pittsford Central School District, Allen Creek Elementary School became a part of the District in 1958 through annexation. In early days Allen Creek School was an independent school district, known as Brighton District # 6, for kindergarten through 8th grade students.

    Although the building currently used as Allen Creek School was built in 1929, the school was founded in 1815. From 1815 until 1818, it was believed that school was held in someone’s residence. The first teacher was paid $13.50 per month and “tuition” was half a cord of wood or 50 cents per pupil. There were three previous buildings known as Allen Creek School before the present building was constructed in 1929 on a property adjacent to the earlier school grounds. The first Allen Creek School began as a one-room wooden school and housed 48 students. The next incarnation of Allen Creek School was a stone building completed in 1841 at a cost of $400.

    The current structure, built in 1929, was described in historical documents as “a new brick school of imposing Southern Colonial architecture.” When the new school opened in September 1929, it was staffed by a principal and 11 teachers and was the school home of 123 “scholars.” A monument, built of stones from the foundations of the earlier buildings and the original Allen Creek School bell, now stands on the school grounds to commemorate the site of the earlier Allen Creek buildings.

    There was no high school provided by Brighton District # 6, and tuition was paid by the District # 6 for students to attend high school in surrounding districts. Increasing enrollments following WWII, made it necessary to explore options for a more economical way of educating Allen Creek graduates beyond the 8th grade. The voters in this early district approved annexing the school to Pittsford School District. With the annexation of Allen Creek School occurring in July 1958, it became the 4th school in Pittsford School District. At the time of annexation, there were 380 students attending Allen Creek School.

    Throughout the years a number of additions were made to Allen Creek School. Cost of the school built in 1929 was $200,000. In 1949, four classrooms and locker rooms were added. Then in 1954, a new wing including six classrooms, a music room, library, cafeteria, first aid room and meeting rooms was built. The most recent in additions and improvements to Allen Creek Elementary School were completed in 2005 and cost $2.9 million. This refurbishing project added six classrooms, a large multi-purpose room, instrumental music instruction spaces, offices for special services, and an elevator to the “imposing Southern Colonial” building.

    Allen Creek Elementary School—the oldest building in the District and the third school to become a part of the Pittsford School District—celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2010.

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