School History

  • Jefferson Road Elementary School


    Current Statistics

    Grades: Kindergarten through grade 5

    Enrollment: Approximately 500

    Built: 1957-59, one section opened in September 1958, total building opened in March 1959


    In 1958, Jefferson Road Elementary School became the fourth school in Pittsford School District. Built on the 22-acre East Jefferson Road property purchased in January 1957, it joined Lincoln Avenue, Allen Creek, and the high school on Sutherland Street in making up Pittsford district. Although the Lomb Building was still in use during this time, it was viewed only as a temporary location. School district enrollments that year totaled 2,005.


    “The race to make a portion of the new elementary school on East Jefferson Road ready by September 3 (1958) was won.” 375 students in kindergarten and grades 5 and 6 moved on time into “Section C” of the school while the remainder of the school was still under construction. The contractors had completed all the construction in “Section C” of the school building being used for classes. “Only through the cooperation of the various contractors were we able to have a portion of the building ready for use and thus avoid a period of double sessions.” Completion of the entire building was in March 1959.


    Jefferson Road Elementary School was celebrated in a dedication ceremony on Sunday, March 1, 1959. The speaker was Dr. Mark Ellingson, President of Rochester Institute of Technology and a resident of the district. At that time, the school became the district building with the largest number of students. It was occupied by students in grades K-5 for a total of 705 students in the new building. Lincoln Avenue School housed 360 students grades 6-8, the high school held 465 students in grades 9-12, and Allen Creek School held 470 students in grades K-8.


    The most recent additions and modifications to the school were a number of revitalization projects that were completed in the 2005-2006 school year. A wing was added with four new classrooms and additional storage space, in addition to security renovations to the main entrance and replacement of some flooring and kitchen equipment. The electrical, heating and ventilating systems, public address, phone system and fire alarm systems were upgraded, as was the technology infrastructure. The health office was renovated to provide for handicapped accessibility and equipment was added to the school playground. Other improvements included plumbing and bathroom renovations, replacement of lighting fixtures, windows and exterior doors, and the addition of acoustic ceilings in corridors.