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  • 5th Grade Band Students from Jefferson Road and Park Road performed in the 2010 Tuba Christmas Concert at Hochstein School of Music on December 18, 2010. 

    Students from Jefferson Road and Mendon Center were invited to perform at the  NYSBDA Conference in Syracuse in March, 2011. As the featured elementary band performers, they helped her present a workshop on a Sound-Before-Sight approach to beginning instrumental music instruction.

    In December, 2012, several MCE students accompanied Mrs. Regan to the NYSSMA Conference in Rochester, where they helped her present a workshop on incorporating the National Standards for Music into the beginning instrumental music setting.


Music students on stairway
  • Mrs. Regan's schedule for 2018-19 is as follows: 

    • Monday-JR
    • Tuesday-JR/BRMS
    • Wednesday-MCE
    • Thursday-MCE
    • Friday-MCE

    Since I travel between buildings, e-mail is the best way to keep in touch. 
    You may reach me at:  Eva_Regan@pittsford.monroe.edu
    My phone extension for both schools is 267-3364.