Ms. Moon

Phone: 585-267-3232


Degrees and Certifications:

State University of New York at Geneseo Masters of Science in Education, Reading and Literacy (Birth to Grade 12), December 2010 Bachelor of Science, Childhood and Special Ed. (1-6), December 2010 Completed requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in French

Ms. Moon

This is my seventh year teaching 3rd grade; I absolutely love being a third grade teacher!


My Hobbies

Outside of school, I love to run, do yoga, and exercise! When I was a student, I enjoyed playing team sports sports such as soccer and basketball.

I look forward to traveling when I can. I have visited many exciting places, including France, Belgium, Mexico, Hawaii, and Ireland.

I love to tell my students stories about my dog, Andy. Sometimes if he is up to no good I call him Andrew. I look forward to seeing him every day after school.   


My Education

I grew up in a small town near Utica, N.Y.. I moved to the Rochester when I was a college student. I love learning and had a great experience studying Childhood and Special Education at SUNY Geneseo. After I became a teacher, I continued my education at Geneseo and received my Master's Degree in Reading and Literacy.  


Fun Facts

I ran from Buffalo to Niagara Falls in a really cool race last Fall.

I would rather eat broccoli than chocolate.

I like to scuba dive.

Math was challenging for me as a student, but it is my favorite subject to teach!

I studied in Paris, France one summer.