Welcome to 5th Grade! Home of Successful Students!

  • Fifth Grade is an exciting year at Park Road. You have many opportunities to show your leadership skills, as each of you is a role model for Park Road School!

  • Everyone is off to a great start this year. Daily writing in their agendas, completing homework, remembering their instruments on lesson days seems to be going well.

    Please remember to look over yout child's agenda and empty out their green folder occasionally. All papers of importance will be taken home in their green folder.

    We developed our class compact and it is displayed on the back wall. The student's worked in groups to come up with ideas that would make all in our classroom have a successful year.


  • We have a first grade buddy class. We will be meeting with Ms. Sweet and her class every Day 6. Everyone will help a younger buddy or two with reading, writing, or math.

  • Helpful Hints for the start of the school year!

    Label everything! All things found with a name can be returned to you.

    School supplies, jackets etc...

    Please contact me at: susan_dodsworth@pittsford.monroe.edu