Thornell Road School History

  • Thornell Road Elementary School is located on a 19-acre property that was originally a part of the Joseph Thornell (originally Thornhill) family farm. The property was purchased by the school district in 1964 when enrollments totaled 3,412. Built on what was originally Native American land, Joseph Thornell settled there and constructed his farmhouse on the property in 1806. That home, located just south of the school is a private residence that was once a stop on the Underground Railroad. 

    The school opened in 1971 as the Lincoln Avenue School ended its years as a school building. It was a mid-year move from Lincoln Avenue to Thornell Road School that occurred during the December winter recess for students in kindergarten through grade six. Built at the height of the “open school” movement, many of Thornell Road School’s classrooms were “double rooms” when the school opened. There were two “quadruple rooms” located off the upstairs library area. Folding doors have since been installed to convert these rooms into single classrooms. Over the years, stationary walls were built to permanently separate most of these open classrooms into individual classrooms. Further improvements were made to the school under the 2002 voter-approved revitalization plan. [Note: In December 2012, voters approved two Capital Project Referenda which will provide additional repairs and upgrades to our school. 

    The hilltop setting of the school provides a scenic view of the surrounding area. Thornell Road Elementary School is the newest of all the elementary schools in the District. With the closing of Lincoln Avenue School, Thornell Road became the seventh school building in Pittsford School District.

School Information

  • Main Phone Number: 585-267-1700
    Fax: 585-385-2099