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  • Dear Fifth Grade Families,

    The Pittsford Music Department is proud of our long-standing tradition of providing a high-quality instrumental music program to our 5th grade beginners.

    The Pittsford music department welcomes all students who are interested in playing an instrument to select their instrument of choice this spring during our virtual recruitment process. In May, you will receive an email with a link to a wonderful video that our teachers have put together along with an online instrument preference form. We will then contact you with information about how to get an instrument and what supplies you will need for the Fall.  


    Pittsford remains committed to your child and their music education. Participating in music continues to enrich the lives of all students fostering a well-rounded education. We look forward to helping your child begin their musical instrument journey in the 5th grade band or orchestra with an up-close authentic learning experience.

    Summer music lessons are offered throught the District Summer Enriichment Program if you are interested in getting started over the summer break.

    SEI Brouchure

    See everyone in September!

    Please feel free to contact me by email at erin_molinich@pittsford.monroe.edu or by phone at 267-3777 

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