Living the Thornell Road Way

  • “At Thornell Road School, we pursue excellence in learning and character. We celebrate and honor each other by being respectful, responsible, fair, trustworthy and caring. We give our best inside and outside the classroom. This is who we are, even when no one is watching.”

    The centerpiece for our social/emotional learning is the Thornell Road Way. The challenge that has been issued to our students has been to not merely recite these words, but to live them each day.

    Each week, we celebrate “Thornell Road Way Thursday”. As part of the morning announcements, we recite the Thornell Road Way as a school and reflect on the ways in which we have lived these words throughout the past week.

    • What were some of the things that you have done to demonstrate Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Trustworthiness and Caring.
    • Were there any times when you did not live up to our core principles?
    • What changes can you make for the future?