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  • Assignments to Work on from Home

    During the school closure, there is work that each student can do to practice and maintain their Latin knowledge and skills. Click the link on the side menu for your course (Latin 6, 7 or 8) and you will find the up to date list of what should be done. A Microsoft Team has been set up for each Latin course, so that students can get their assignments, as well as ask questions and even collaborate electronically.

    While I will be posting assignments to Teams, I am also going to post the list to my PCSD website each week (click the class link on the left). The advantage of using Teams is that it integrates with all of a student's Office 365 files, and allows them to interact with the Team (our class). They will also be able to access some of the teaching videos I'll be posting to Office 365 Stream. If a student forgot their Office 365 login, they can visit the PCSD Student Help Desk and request assistance: https://www.pittsfordschools.org/domain/2072

    If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail.


    Salve & Welcome to Latin!
    Welcome to the Barker Road Middle School Latin pages. Most information students will need can be found via the links on the left side of this page. There you will find Latin workbooks, handouts, and the Quizlet & QUIA links for each class!
    If you or your child are looking for something and it is not on their class page, please e-mail me and I'll see about posting it.

    ~Magister Kutny

    Contacting Magister Kutny
    Phone: 585-267-2874

    E-mail: Michael_Kutny@pittsford.monroe.edu

    Upcoming Assignments
    I tr
    y my best to put assignments into Infinite Campus well in advance. To view upcoming assignments, simply log in to Infinite Campus and click "Latin" on the student schedule. Look at the "due date" of the listed assignments to see when things are due, and when assessments will be given during class. 

    Meeting With Magister
    Each week I schedule at least one "Latin Lunch" session for periods 7A & 7B, which corresponds to the 7th and 8th grade lunch block. I am also available some days after school in room 126 (seldom on Tuesday, though). If you need to meet for help, you might be able to find me in room 126 during periods 4, 5 & 7A-B. It is always best to ask me ahead of time so that I will know to be available for you and can write you a pass.  Always let me know in advance if you want to stay after school with me.  I sometimes have meetings and appointments which mean I may not be available if you just drop in.

    Students are all given a workbook which they should bring to class each day. They can also download a PDF copy of their workbook from link on the left.

    Open House Presentation
    To view the Open House presentation, follow this link: https://tinyurl.com/y2pp2qg5