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    Hello Everyone!

    So not to confuse, I have most of my website switched off right now.

    Everything you need is on the Teams page. For now, go there.

    More will be avaiable on this page soon.

    If you need anything, please email me. 
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Optical illusions

  • Optical Illusions

How Stuff Works

  • How Stuff Works


  • Nova

Bill Nye

  • Bill Nye


  • Sandlot

National Geographic

  • National  Geographic

Discovery Education

  • Discovery Education


  • Wild Life

Cool Science 101

  • Cool Science 101


  • NASA

  • Be smart. Be healthy. Stay safe.




Brain POP User = Barkermiddle

  • Brain Pop

    User Name = barkermiddle   Password = PMS

Gross Science

  • Mad Science 3

Cool Science

  • Cool Science

Science 360

  • Science 360

Biology for Kids

  • Biology for Kids

Mad Science Videos

  • Mad Science 1

Cells Alive

  • Cells Alive

Mad Science

  • Mad Science 2

Science News for Kids

  • Science News

NASA for Kids

  • NASA for Kids

Powerpoint Presentations

  • Powerpoint presentations on most any topic.

    Great for review.