Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and busy.
    Things seem to be constantly changing. In an effort to keep up with this, EVERYTHING you need will be HERE on your teacher's websites. This page will be updated regularly. 
    4/05 - Last Update 
    Student Tasks:
    2 - Check here OFTEN. Seriously, things change constantly.
    3 - See ALL of your assignments on the Purple Team Home Page. Just click to the left.
    4 - Check individual teacher homework calendars. OFTEN. 
    5Keep current on assignments. Check your asignments with keys.
    6Get on Edmodo (See Below)
    7 - Again, check here often. Updates are made all the time. 
    *During Week of 4/06 - 4/10 - work on directions sent to your emial from the district.
    1 - Teacher Website.
    We are trying to send less information by email.
    This only works if you check teacher websites and homework calendars.
    A ONE page view of assignments for the entire PURPLE TEAM is on the Purple Team Page. 
    You still need to go to individual teacher homework calendars for more specifics.
    2 - Video Conferencing 
    Go to ZOOM.COM. Practice with family and friends. Directions will be emailed from the district.  
    In the meantime, you can go on and  start to get aquainted with how it works. Just play around with it.
    I will have a a practice video conference on Monday. Trial will start at 10:00 on Monday (4/06)
    The ZOOM information you need is NOW HERE.
    Join the Sacch Sciecne ZOOM MEETING BY CLICKING BELOW At 10:00 AM on Monday.
    Again, this will be a practice session for Sacch Science. Try to practice before then.
    This will just be a trial practice experience for me too.
    3 - Social
    I am encouraging kids to get on Edmodo OFTEN. This is a great way to connect with classmates!
    Just talk to one another. Leave a message AND comment on other messages.
    Think of Edmodo as the Barker Road hallway or cafeteria. 
    Edmodo code = h48pxj. Check in and add to the discussion on Edmodo often.  
    4 - Email
    I will still send emails to students with information, but ALL the information will be HERE.
    Don't wait for emails. All info. and assignments are HERE.
    If you don't think you are getting the emails, it is fine. Just check this website.
    You can ALWAYS email me directly for any reason.
    Send me an email whenever you need. I will respond. 
    AGAIN, go to...
    Website - to get assignments and information
    Purple Page - for one page view of assignments
    My page - to see science specific assignments/info/lessons
    Zoom - to video chat with teachers
    Edmodo - to talk to friends, build community
    Email - to send a message to just me 
    Below is older information. I leave it for reference. 

    Hello everyone!  

    I hope that this email finds you and your family safe, healthy, and happy.
    Thanks to all the students that sent me an email. I have heard from over 80% of my students. If you email me, I will respond to you. If you have not yet, please email me soon.  

    I have a few updates for you.

    1 - In an effort to be sure all have access to information. I will be posting all communication on Edmodo, on my website, and sending via email.

    2 - I hope all of my students join the Edmodo group on my Edmodo page. It would be great if you all did this. The Edmodo  code = h48pxj. Please join the Edmodo page and follow the directions there.

    3-   The calendar I sent earlier has been updated and attached. The original calendar ignored April break. The attached calendar reflects the break. You are free to work at your pace. I am requesting that the packet you have be complete by 4/24. 

    4 - Some of you have asked about ISI presentations. These are OPTIONAL. Work on an ISI if you wish but you do not have to. We will figure out how and when to do ISI presentations when we return to school. Posting an ISI on Edmodo for your classmates to see is an option as well.


    For Attachment - Click HERE.


    On Friday, March 13th we watched a BrainPop video on the coronavirus. 

    I encourage all of my students to watch that video again with their parents. T
    his is only a 4 minute video.
    Attached below is a science packet that you should work on while we are not in school. All directions and answers are included. You will need your textbook.
    Do what you can.
    Don't worry about ANYTHING you do not understand.
    Remember to use our STOP and THINK strategy.
    EVERYTHING you need is in the packet and in your book. 
    Stay safe! Be good! Be helpful at home!
    * This packet is also attached on the homework calendar. 
    BrainPOP user = barkermiddle
    password = pms
     Click below on * to:  

      *Check Grades 

    Contact Mr. Sacch @ * john_sacchitella@pittsford.monroe.edu


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Brain POP User = Barkermiddle

  • Brain Pop

    User Name = barkermiddle   Password = PMS

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