• Update from Mr. Smith (4/6)

    My Homework Calendar

    I have updated my homework calendars through the end of May. 

    Make sure to check back daily as things may change.
    Each week will follow this routine.
    Video /Links / Assignments will be uploaded the night before.


    This website is very IMPORTANT!
    It will be used for weekly quizzes and unit exams.
    Scores will be not count, but will be recorded on Infinite Campus.
    Try and complete the quiz before the Q & A
    with Mr. Smith on Tues & Thursdays.

    Please contact Mr. Smith if you are having any difficulties.


    Your Email

    Make sure you check it every morning through Office 365.
    Make it a part of your daily routine!

    "Don't worry, be happy!"

    Try not to get stressed about things.  

    We are all in this together! 

    Reach out to one of your teachers or

    guidance counselors if you need anything.

    Remember to follow of one of our

    most important BRMS core values...


    New Stock Contest!

    Contest Name: Mr. Smith's "Cabin Fever" Challenge
    Password: purple
    Contest Winners



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