• Welcome to Mr. Waterbury's Portal Page!

    Here is a site that will help support your understanding of classroom procedures, expectations, and importantly, the academic content of Science 7 in room 221 at Barker Road Middle School.

    Access the subpage files and links found by selecting from the left sidebar or clicking on the "pages" icon to the upper left. Most items are organized by the Prentice-Hall textbook chapter, otherwise known as the "units" we will be covering this year.

    Please pay particular attention to the calendar that will show the daily classwork covered and homework assigned; I will do my best to keep this updated regularly.

    While browsing the pages, remind yourself that above all else, the fundamental expectation for all students, in any class here at BRMS, is to embrace the core principles of kindness, integrity, fairness, empathy, respect, perseverance, and responsibility. Practice these, and everything else will fall into place!

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