Welcome to Green Team Science!

  • Upcoming: HBS Quiz on Jan. 15th and HBS Test moved to January 23rd...

    `Please share the HBS LO with your parents... Explain what LO means, show them what you will be learning, explain how the study guide works, etc.  :)
    `This study guide will have many notes to staple and more practicing application in class.  So...
    `Remember: I don't waste time in class... If we are practicing something, you WILL see it again on the test!
    `The more detailed you make your study guide using our class notes, the easier it will be to study!
    `Keep up with classwork, homework, and studying... Memorize the information in this unit to help make the application easier!
    `As always, please come see me if you need help or have questions!

    `Our new sequence is Human Body Systems... The main focus during class will be explaining how body systems work together.
    `Ask your child to explain the Learning Outcomes and Study Guide to you... It provides information about what is on the test, how to study for the test, and vocabulary (as was described to you at open house).
    Encourage your child to ask questions!!!  I have free periods when they have free periods!!!
    `And please remind your child to stay engaged in class while we practice skills, to keep up with homework and studying, and to see me for help.

     All: Hang in there... The days are shorter and colder, but the sun still comes up every day... Hopefully we see it!


    ***Reminder... Daily science homework is posted on the Green Team calendar!

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