Welcome to Green Team Science!

  • Upcoming: Reproduction Test moved to March 21!

    `Our new Reproduction unit is about 2 weeks long... It has more knowledge than application...
    `Follow my directions and suggestions to make a good outline for your study guide!  If you need help, please ask!  Then make sure you are writing very detailed and precise answers to each study guide question from our CLASS NOTES!
    `Just because I am no longer "assigning" vocabulary bullets doesn't mean you shouldn't do them...  YOU are still responsible for your own learning and studying.  I will be asking for any study materials you have made on your own before the test (i.e. you could show me your vocabulary!).
    `Please keep up with your classwork, homework, study guide, and vocabulary... There is too much information to wait until the last minute!  Be sure to spend a little time each night memorizing the information in your study guide and vocabulary bullets as we progress through the unit.
    `Remember, I don't waste time!  If we are practicing something, you WILL see it again on the test!
    `As always, please come see me if you need help or have questions!

    `Our next unit of study is Reproduction.  This unit requires more memorization than application.
    `Please help your child create an outline for their study guide and help them use it to study... Quiz him or her on the study guide questions and vocabulary as we complete them throughout the unit.  Encourage your child to use the verbs at the beginning of each Learning Outcome to figure out how to best study for the test. 
    `Please remind your child to stay engaged in class while we learn new words and concepts, practice skills, keep up with homework and studying, and to see me for help.
    `Thank you for sharing your children with me!

     All: Wow... The year is already half over!  Hang in there and keep up the hard work!  :)

    ***Reminder... Daily science homework is posted on the Green Team calendar!

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