Welcome to Green Team Science!

  • Hello Everyone!
    This is a new and crazy school year, but I am ready and excited to be with all of you! 

    We all will be learning new technology together, new ways to "do school", and new ways to stay connected to people.  "We" means me too... So don't worry, we can all help each other!

    *Be sure to check your science TEAM in Office 365 and the Green Team Calendar DAILY to access and organize your science work.


    Reminders if you have questions about...

    • Technology- First visit the district and/or library tech pages for helpful videos and documents, next ask a family member or classmate to help, and then if you still need support email me and I will try my best to help you.
    • Science- First check your science TEAM (assignments, notebook, etc.) and the Green Team Calendar, then check your binder, next ask a classmate or family member, and then email me if you still need help.  I am always available to help you at school too... Please don't be shy if you have questions!