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    Hello Green Team!  I hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and busy.  Things seem to be constantly changing.  Be sure to check your Student Email and Green Team Calendar DAILY to access your science work...

    `All work to be completed at home while school is closed will be available on the Green Team Homework Calendar.  Formative assessments will be submitted through TEAMS on Office 365.

    Meeting times via TEAMS or ZOOM will be emailed to student email accounts with a date, time, and link as applicable.





    Old Messages

    `Please share the Genetics LO with your parents... Explain what LO means, show them what you will be learning, explain how the study guide works, etc.  :)
    `This study guide will have some places for you to complete study guide questions on your own.  However, there is a fair amount of application we will be practicing in class.  Be sure to attach the appropriate notes to complete your study guide.
    `Remember: Take good notes... Fix your answers to match my notes when we go over them in class.
    I don't waste time in class... If we are practicing something, you WILL see it again on the test!

    `The more detailed you make your study guide using our class notes, the easier it will be to study!
    `Keep up with classwork, homework, and studying... Memorize the information in this unit to help make the application easier!
    `As always, please come see me if you need help or have questions!

    `Our second sequence of Unit #2 is Genetics.  It centers around passing traits to offspring, why genetic variation is important, and how to create models of inheritance.
    `Parts of this unit can be very developmental in nature.... Please keep in mind that some kids will take longer to catch on to the type of thinking involved with genetics.  Their little minds may be much more ready for it when they see it again in high school.
    `Ask your child to explain the Learning Outcomes and Study Guide to you... It provides information about what is on the test, how to study for the test, and vocabulary (as was described to you at open house).
    Encourage your child to ask questions!!!  I have free periods when they have free periods!!!
    `And please remind your child to stay engaged in class while we practice skills, to keep up with homework and studying, and to see me for help.

     All: We're heading into the home stretch for winter... If we can get through March, winter should finally be over!


    ***Reminder... Daily science homework is posted on the Green Team calendar!

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