• Hello Students and Families! 

         My name is Mrs. Dolan and, when I am at BRMS, I live in room 123 with Mrs. Matthews.  I am a learning specialist on the Green Team and I teach a class with each of your Green Team teachers.  I teach English with Mr. John, social studies with Mrs. Matthews, science with Mrs. Connor, and math with Mrs. Sackett.  

         I hope you all had a wonderful summer and that you are excited for 6th grade.  I am sure some of you are also nervous... I STILL get nervous on the first day of school! Most students love the change from elementary to middle school and BRMS is a GREAT place!

         I LOVE teaching a little bit in each of your core classes because it helps to give me a good perspective of what is going on across the Green Team.  It also allows me to provide support to students that may need it in their core subjects.  If you ever need help with anything, please don't hesitate to stop in and see me.

        As the year goes on, you will find helpful materials under each core class link on the left hand side.  I also have some study tips attached, learning games, and websites you can look at if you want to learn about why some students learn differently.