• Hello, everyone!  I hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and busy.  Things seem to be constantly changing. 

    In an effort to keep up with this, EVERYTHING you need will be HERE on your teacher's website.  This page will be updated regularly.


    Updated on 4/6


    Student Tasks:

    1.  Check here OFTEN.  Seriously, things change constantly.

    2.  See ALL of your assignments on the Purple Team Home Page.  Just click to the left.

    3.  Check individual teacher homework calendars.  OFTEN.

    4.  Keep current on assignments.  Check your assignments with keys.

    5.  Get on Edmodo (See Below).

    6.  Again, check here often.  Updates are made all the time.



    1 - Teacher Website.  We are trying to send less information by email.

         This only works if you check teacher websites and homework calendars.

         Purple Team Page.  A ONE page view of assignments for the entire PURPLE TEAM is on the Purple Team Page.

         You will still need to go to individual teacher homework calendars for more specifics.


    2 - ZOOM Video Conferencing

        Go to ZOOM.COM.  Practice with family and friends.  Directions will be emailed from the district.  In the meantime, you can

         go on and start to get acquainted with how it works.  Just play around with it.



    3 - Social

         I am encouraging students to get on Edmodo OFTEN.  This is a great way to connect with classmates!

         Just talk to one another.  Leave a message and comment on other messages.

         Think of Edmodo as the Barker Road hallway or cafeteria.

         Edmodo code = h48pxj.  

              To join - go to the right side of the page...

             See where it says, "My classes" and

             click on the 3 dogs to the right.

              Click "join class'

              Enter code - h48pxj.


    4 - Email

        I will still send emails to students with information, but ALL the information will be HERE.

         All information and assignments are HERE.  If you don't think you are getting the emails, it's fine.  Just

         check this website.  



    • Go to this Website - to get specific English information and assignments
    • Go to Purple Team Page - for a one page view of all your assignments
    • Zoom - to video chat with teachers
    • Edmodo - to talk with your friends; build community
    • Email - to send a message to me.




Mrs. Geri Drooz



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Geri Drooz

This website has been created primarily to help you with time management.  It should be used in conjunction with your Agenda, but not without it.

I encourage my students and parents to keep an open dialogue, so please contact me with any questions/concerns via email or phone.   In addition, students are invited to call me at home (before 8:30pm).  I am also available to meet with students during 5A/5B.  Kindly see me to set up a meeting time.  I'm here to help you, so I hope you won't hesitate to do so.

For further information on my expectations, grading system, specific class routines/procedures, you can refer to the "General Expectations" Contract located in the English section of your binder.