Hello Social Studies Students! 
    To keep your learning going, I have posted assignments to my homework calendar. If you click on an assignment, it will give you the links to print assignments and answer keys to check your work. The overview posted will give you information on everything so please read it over (posted on 3/17). 
    Please don't stress about the work. Just do what you can!
    Answers keys are included for viewing/printing. 
    EVERYTHING you need has links for printing/viewing and you should have your textbook at home. You should NOT have to go to school on Tuesday 3/17 to pick up anything, unless you were absent last Thursday and Friday. Picking up materials at school is for those that can't print or download from home or for those who were absent when textbooks were sent home.
    Stay safe and healthy! Get outside and get some fresh air, and be kind to your family. 
    Please feel free to email me with any questions or just to say hello: rana_bryan@pittsford.monroe.edu