• This is the last week of May! We are beginning the final month of school on Monday! I miss you so much!

    Continue to check your grades on Infinite Campus!
    It is your job to monitor your grades and complete missing assignments!
    Social Studies students are doing a fantastic job with their work! I'm so proud of you! 

    Last Updated on 5/28

    Upcoming Zoom Meetings: 
    Friday(5/29) starting at 10AM (for Periods 3 and 4) and 10:30AM (for periods 1 and 6)

    Tuesday (6/2) starting at 11AM (for Periods 1 and 3) and 11:30AM (for periods 4 and 6)

    on Zoom.us (stop by to check in, get help, or ask questions).
    NO FRIDAY ZOOM next week (6/5) - English teachers need my time slot!!! 

    I will send join codes to your student email account and they will be posted in “Microsoft Teams”

    GO TO...
    - to get assignments for HW Calenders
    Purple Page - to easily move from one CORE teacher to another
    Microsoft 365 Teams  - to access school activities and assignments to be TURNED IN
    Zoom - to video chat with teachers
    Edmodo - to talk to friends, build community
    Email - to send a message to just me