Mrs. Sabbour's 8-Blue Info

  • Get Ready for a Memorable Year! 

    September 2019

    Dear Students and Parents,

    I am thrilled to be guiding you through your 8th grade year!  This will be my 20th year at Barker Rd. Middle School.  We have a lot of information to cover and I hope to make it fun, interactive, and memorable.

    8 Blue students can expect to see me in many of your core classes throughout the week.  Sometimes my involvement looks like me teaching alongside your core teachers, helping with a lesson, or more behind the scenes, like helping to plan a lesson, create a worksheet, or tracking student behaviors. 

    I am always available for assistance with study skills, time management, and organization and encourage students to join me for lunch or after school to work on these areas.

    I am truly looking forward to a great school year.  I value open communication with my students and their parents.  Students are welcome to come in and meet with me or email me.  Parents, please feel free to contact me throughout the year via email/phone.  I will respond to your questions or concerns as quickly as possible.

    Best wishes to all for a successful school year!

    Mrs. Sabbour


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