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  • Monday 3/30/2020

    As we move forward I will continue to post a weekly spiral and answer key every Monday to my website (under the spiral section) and to the Green Team homework calendar.  This week, Spiral #23 (same version for both Math 6 and Honors) will be due after the spring break on Monday 4/13.   The goal is to complete the spiral independently and then use the answer key to check your work.  The answer key is also there to help you when you have trouble with a question as well.  Again, remember you can always email me if you have a question.   

    This week I will also assign a three part Cumulative Review packet.  Part 1 will be posted and assigned today Monday 3/30, Part 2 will posted and assigned Tuesday 3/31, and Part 3 will be posted and assigned Wednesday 4/1.  Again, the answer key will be posted on the day it is assigned.  Please complete the work independently and correct it using the answer key. 

    Remember, if you are unable to print the packets you may complete the work on a separate sheet of paper.  Be sure to continue to check on the Green Team homework calendar for assignments and communication.  

    Missing you all!  Remember to show your best math!



    Hello Again! (Week two of school closure) Tuesday, 3/24/2020


    I am so pleased with the work you have accomplished this past week.  It was wonderful to hear from so many of you as you worked through the Mid-Year Review Packet.  I have posted Spiral #22 to the team homework calendar (on Tuesday 3/24) and have attached a link below.  I would like for you to work on Spiral #22 this week (and yes, period 4 we have jumped ahead a couple of spirals so that we are consistent across all of sixth grade while we are home.) 


    The answer key will be posted shortly in several spots (my website, the team homework calendar, and below) soon. 


    Keep up the good work and remember to show me your best math!

    Spiral #22 - Honors

    Spiral #22 - Math 6 (period 4 and period 6)


    Spiral #22 - Honors Answer Key

    Spiral #22 - Math 6 Answer Key


    Here is the answer key to Spiral #21 that was due on March 18th.  

    Spiral #21 - Honors Answer Key

    Spiral #21 - Math 6 Answer Key






    Hello Barker Road 6th Grade Mathematicians,

    We have worked together (Mr. Smith, Mrs. Winn, and Mrs. Sackett) to create a comprehensive work packet to review and hone your math skills.  Please work for 30 minutes a day and be sure to show all work. In other words – NO CALCULATORS PLEASE!

    This packet should be completed by Tuesday March 31st.  Be sure to pace yourself and try to complete approximately two pages per day.  As you work through the packet make sure to check your progress via the answer keys posted on your math teacher websites.          

    Please return this completed packet when school resumes. 

    Please open the link below to access the Mid-Year Review Packet.  (It is also posted on the Green Team Homework Calendar on Tuesday, 3/17).  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out via email.   I will be checking my email daily.  I will miss you and am looking forward to getting back to the classroom to continue our amazing math conversations.  

    Answer Keys will be posted shortly.  

    Mid-Year Review Packet


    Mid-Year Review Packet Answer Key (Revised)







    Welcome to the Green Team!  


    Please use the website to help keep track of current topics of study.  The learning outcomes are posted at the beginning of each unit.  The calendar is a valuable resource to help you plan and complete short-term and long-term assignments on time. 

    On the calendar you will find a copy of daily homework assignments, copy of class notes, quiz and test dates, and project due dates.  Class notes and homework assignments will be posted at the end of each day. 

    Please utilize this resource to get a copy of the homework and/or notes you may have missed due to an absence, music lesson or forgetfulness.   : )