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  • Friday 5/8/2020


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    Thursday 4/9/2020

    Hello Green Team Mathematicians,

    Your week for math will look like this:

    Weekly Schedule

    Green Team Calendar:  All notes, videos, assignments, and directions will be posted daily on the Green Team homework calendar (just as I posted completed notes and homework assignments daily while school was in session).  I will continue to copy a link of our class notes with specific directions/instructions for that day’s lesson and homework answer keys. 


    Quizizz: I will be using the website Quizizz as a way to “check in” on your learning and to give Unit Exams.  Scores will be recorded in Infinite Campus, but will not count in your grade.  Two quizzes will be assigned each week to practice our current unit of study.  If you have not signed up for Quizizz yet please do so ASAP.  Please email me for the class code.   


    Spirals:  Spirals will continue to be assigned on Monday and will be due the following Monday.  All spirals and answer keys will be posted on the Green Team Homework Calendar every Monday.  I will also post the spiral and answer keys on my website under the Spiral and Spiral Answer Keys tabs. 


    Q & A on Zoom:  I will be holding a Q & A session through Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday where I am available to answer questions or clarify concepts as needed.  It would be a good idea to take the assigned quiz in Quizizz before joining the Zoom session. 


    Your daily math protocol will be:

    • check your email every morning

    • check the Green Team HW Calendar for directions, daily lessons, and homework

    • complete assigned “quiz” on Quizizz

    • attend Zoom meeting, as needed

    • email Mrs. Sackett when you have a question


    I know that this can feel difficult at times but know that I am here if you need any help, either through email or Zoom.  I am missing you all and wish I could see all of that beautiful math you are showing!!! 


    Remember to show your work!!


    Mrs. Sackett



    Older Links:

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    Spiral #22 - Math 6 (period 4 and period 6)

     Spiral #22 - Honors Answer Key

    Spiral #22 - Math 6 Answer Key


    Here is the answer key to Spiral #21 that was due on March 18th.  

    Spiral #21 - Honors Answer Key

    Spiral #21 - Math 6 Answer Key

    Mid-Year Review Packet


    Mid-Year Review Packet Answer Key (Revised)







    Welcome to the Green Team!  


    Please use the website to help keep track of current topics of study.  The learning outcomes are posted at the beginning of each unit.  The calendar is a valuable resource to help you plan and complete short-term and long-term assignments on time. 

    On the calendar you will find a copy of daily homework assignments, copy of class notes, quiz and test dates, and project due dates.  Class notes and homework assignments will be posted at the end of each day. 

    Please utilize this resource to get a copy of the homework and/or notes you may have missed due to an absence, music lesson or forgetfulness.   : )