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    Welcome to the School Nurse's Page for Calkins Road Middle School.  On this website we will update and keep you informed of important information regarding the nurse's office. The type of information you will be able to retrieve relates to sports, state mandated health related issues, and interesting web pages to browse.

    Mary Carson R.N.

    Leah Schaefer R.N.

    Office Hours 7:30-3:30 PM
    Phone 585-267-1940
    Fax 585-264-1415



    MENINGOCOCCAL VACCINE Students entering 7th grade are required to have a single dose of meningococcal and should be administered to all adolescents’ 11 or 12 years of age.

    Procedures for the Nurse's Office

    Upon entering the Nurse’s office all students are required to have a pass from their teacher.

    The Nurse will have them sign in and assess their needs.

    A call to the parent will be made if they have a temperature over 100 or are vomiting.

    If it is an emergency situation immediate care will be provided, emergency procedures will be followed and parents will be notified.

    It is very important that we have all parent information and correct telephone numbers.

    If there is any change in this information please contact the school immediately.

    It is also extremely important that the Nurses have correct and up to date medical information regarding your child.

    Any child coming to the Nurse’s office and requests to call a parent because they are not feeling well may do so...You know your child better than anyone.

    Students that do not have a temperature of 100 or greater, are not vomiting and do not request to call home may rest in the Nurse’s office for approximately 15 min. and will then be sent back to class.

    Is Your Child too Sick for School?

    If your child complains of not feeling well before coming to school, please try to determine the cause.

    Take his/her temperature and keep them home if they are running a fever of 100 or more. You may want to notify your Health Care Provider as well.

    Feel free to send them to school if there is NO fever or symptoms such as: Diarrhea, Headache ,Vomiting, Sore Throat, Wheezing, Exhaustion. Please be sure we have current phone/cell numbers where you can be reached in case of illness or emergency.


    A written excuse from a Parent/Guardian or Doctor is needed for a student to be excused from Physical Education class. The student needs to bring the excuse to the Nurse, who will give the student a pass for the Phys Ed Teacher. The written excuse needs to be kept on file in the Nurses Office. If the student has been excused from two consecutive classes and a third excuse is needed, a Physician’s excuse will be required. Please call if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working together with you.