CRMS Bands Home Page

  • Welcome to our CRMS Bands Website 
    Here you'll find all the information about our 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Bands

    We are very excited to have you with us this year! We know there will be many changes, but we will do our very best to make sure band is an amazing and worthwhile experience for our students. 

    Here are some details about the program:  

    • Each grade level band will meet and rehearse in a 3-foot socially distanced setting with masks and bell covers back in the band room, F24. 
    • Small group lessons will occur on a rotating basis in the band areas. Schedules will be created and shared.
    • Our normal concert schedule is on this year!

    We're finally getting back to a mostly-normal procedure. Most of all we are going to have FUN making music together! 

    Mrs. Theresa Bowers & Mr. Scott Parker 


  • Where can I buy a band mask? 

    Wind player mask If you have a disposable surgical mask, you can make it yourself by cutting a small horizontal slit into the fold of a pleat nearest your mouth.  

    If you wish to get a cloth mask, there are several vendors out there that sell them, here is one from Etsy.


    My child cannot find the lesson book from last year. How do we get a new one? 

    There are two music stores in the area that usually have our lesson books in stock and offer delivery to school: 

    Music and Arts in Pittsford Plaza 585-586-5320 
    Atlas Music in Webster 585-671-2020 

    If you are not sure of your lesson book, please contact one of us.