Mrs. Smith's Math Classes

  •  moving pencil Welcome to the orange team!  My name is Mrs. Smith and I will be your math teacher this year!  I can't wait to meet everyone.  We will have fun and learn a lot of great math strategies!  I absolutely LOVE teaching math and I hope you will love learning this year too! Be positive, be kind, and work hard!  Feel free to send me an email at and say hello! 




    TECHNOLOGY:  How to access PCSD Office 365, Teams, and student email 

    To access Teams and student email your child will need to log in to Office 365:


    Password: their computer login password from last year - If they do not remember this, they can submit a help ticket through the student help desk portal.

    Student Help Desk Portal:…


     Microsoft Teams Training Links for Parents:


    Mathematics Essential Understanding:  

    Mathematics is the language of the universe which is common to all people.  Understanding mathematics is crucial to being able to understand and interpret the world around you and to make informed decisions. 



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    Use your textbook to try some online practice.  Use the  code listed in your text book.

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