Team Purple - Social Studies

  •  Welcome to Mr. Dermody's homepage.

    Please use the following information to complete work while we are not in school.
    The different chapters that we are working have been moved to separate pages to the left.

    Weeks #1 - #3 Assigned Work

    WWII Packet: pages 3-7; 11; 13-14; 16-21;

    Pearl Harbor Activity: Parts 1-4
    WWII Summary Questions

    Week 4 and beyond is being worked on and adjusted.
    You can work on the Chapter Notes packet if you want to get ahead.
    Packet was sent home on 3/13 -Extra copies attached below.

    Chapter 27: Cold War Part I - 3 sections
    Chapter 29: Cold War Part II - 4 sections
    Chapter 28: Civil Rights Movement - 2 sections
    Chapter 30: America in a Changing World - 3 sections
    **One Section PER Day is a good pace**

    Earth at Night     Earth at Night -