Math 7 - Maroon Team

  • Welcome to my classroom website!

    Week of March 30 SCHEDULE:

    Start Unit 8:

    Monday - Complete Day 100

     - Watch Video in Video Notes and follow along with filled in Notes in Notes Section

     - Go To Homework section and work on homework. (if you can't print, work on paper)

     - Check your answers to the homework - Solutions provided in Homework section.

    Tuesday - Complete Day 101

    Wednesday - Complete Day 102

    Thursday and Friday - Complete Checkpoint #1 and Email to me.

    Checkpoints will be in Homework Section.  One checkpoint per week, needs to be emailed to me.  If you don't have a printer, complete work on a piece of paper. Scan or take a picture. 

    Video Notes available in the Video Notes Section.






























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