Welcome! - Maroon Team English

  • The purpose of this page is now to communicate weekly assignments during this time.  Please see the files below for weekly work. 

    • There should ideally be one vocabulary activity sheet and one article to read and to which you should respond. 
    • As of now, these assignments are not being collected or assessed, but keep your work organized.  
    • Please share work you are proud of with me!  I want to see what your awesome minds are coming up with.
    • If  you have read any books that are interesting or entertaining, share the titles with me, and I can include them here on this page!



    Email: lenore_mcpherson@pittsford.monroe.edu

  • In the files below, you will find a weekly article to read and a weekly vocabulary word. Do your best to keep learning and experiencing new words and texts.  Continue to work on your reading stamina, meaning sticking with something difficult or long.