Mrs. Cedruly's Classroom

  • Earth Science!!

    Whether your schedule says Ms. Bertrand or Mrs. Cedruly, you are in the right place.  These two names are one person! ME! I got married this summer and some things have my new name but most things are still in process of changing.  Sorry for the confusion  

    What MATERIALS do I need?

    • Something to keep your ESci handouts in one place (binder or folder-your choice)
    • Some paper (can be a spiral notebook or loose leaf-but NOT composition)
    • Pencils AND pens (yes both and an eraser!)
    • Non-graphing calculator that is NOT your phone
    • Colored pencils—both at home and at school as we cannot share this material
    • Hand held pencil sharpener-for your colored pencils
    • 2 different color highlighters
    • 1-2 dry LOW ODOR dry erase markers
    • Pencil case for your materials

    Welcome to class-whether in person or remote-we are gonna learn about this planet we live on!