Our Planet and Beyond! - Welcome to Ms. Bertrand's-soon to be Mrs. Cedruly's classroom!

  • Earth Science!! It is OFFICIALLY summer-your shortest shadow at noon was on June 21!! Now your shadow will slowly get longer as our days begin to get shorter

    I will be posting information on this page while we are away from each other.  Please know how I am here for you so please do not hesitate to reach out.  I can be reached through email or by calling 267-3275. I already miss all of you and your class' jokes and personality.  

    For those still finishing work over the summer, please send me an email when your assignment(s) are completed. 

    I am putting each week's assignments in a new tab.  Check each week's page for a detailed to do list and general information.  Below you can access commonly needed things like an ESRT, windy.com, and other sites. 

     Things you can do daily:

    • watch the local weather (on tv or internet)
    • take a walk-observe Earth Science first hand-look for things you have learned about this year
    • observe the moon phase
    • work on school work a little bit every day-try to keep a routine