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  • To my students:

    This page will be used as a means of communication during this time when we are not attending school due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  I will focus our work, at least initially, to items geared toward success on the NYS Regents Physics Exam.  That exam is currently scheduled to be held as normal, in late June of this year.  All Regents Physics and Honors Physics students have that as their final exam for this school year.

    I am working with Mr. Wirth to prepare items for inclusion here, and you should see a great deal of similarity between what he gives to his Regents Physics students, and what I put here.  Mainly, you can expect to see links to ouside resources, and also to specific documents.  The majority will be resources that you will access via the Internet.  If you have any trouble with consistently having Internet availability, please let me know.  There are also resources being made available through the District to assist students in this area.

    You can expect to see links to videos available through the Internet, links to worksheets, some with answer keys, and links to notes summarizing areas of our course.  Those of you who desire additional materials, please feel free to communicate with me via e-mail regarding that.

    Initially, there were issues with students receiving e-mail messages through Infinite Campus Messenger, and particularly with opening attachments included there.  I believe the District, working with Infinite Campus, has now resolved those issues.  It is my belief that I can send e-mails via Infinite Campus, including attachments, and my students will receive the e-mails via their own personal e-mail accounts, and will also be able to open any attachments.  Once again, please e-mail if you have any issues with this.  We can work around any problems that come up, as long as we are aware of them.

    During this period, no work will be collected or graded.  If I give you anything to turn in, it will only be for the purpose of giving you feedback on it, and will not be required for a grade of any kind.  If you are unable to turn it in, that will be OK.  At this point, I don't have any plans to collect any work from you during our time out of school.

    I would encourage each of you to purchase a Review Book for the NYS Regents Physics Exam.  At this point, and for this purpose, this is probably the most valuable printed resource you can use.  Any web-sites that are geared toward helping students prepare for this exam are also very useful, provided that they do a good job.  I will put links to a few of those sites here for you.  I am open to suggestions via e-mail.  Remember, we are in this together, and anything any of us can do to help the others will be of value.

    I hope you are all safe and will practice good judgment as we work together to limit the spread of this disease.

    Please help me by letting me know what things I could place here that would be useful to you.

    Mr. Peachey



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